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'UYM has saved more lives than people realize.'
-Maggie Wilson, Shelter Island, NY

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Our Impact

In many communities, low-to-middle income Americans are unable to access the services they need, especially those designed to help them remain in their own homes. Perhaps the most vulnerable-and often forgotten-our nation's elder population is expected to double in the next 20 years.

Research suggests, though, that the necessary infrastructure is not in place to meet their future needs. In other words, the demand for services that will enable elders to age in their own homes will outpace the ability of most communities and local government agencies to provide them.

To meet the needs of our nation's elders and other vulnerable people, UYM CHARITIES (UYM) is committed "to make a difference in the lives of the low and middle income segments of the population not provided for by government and other organizations."