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Become a partner
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Our Impact

'UYM has saved more lives than people realize.'
-Maggie Wilson, Shelter Island, NY

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Our Mission

In many communities, seniors and low-to-middle income Americans are unable to access the services they need. The necessary infrastructure is not in place to meet their future needs.

The demand for services needed will outpace the ability of most communities and local government agencies to provide them.

UYM believes we are living in a time where nonprofit and for-profit sectors must work together to address critical community needs that will not be met by underfunded town and government social service programs. UYM is committed to bridging the gap between these sectors to generate revenue and meet the needs of underserved populations.

Our mission at UYM Charities is to make a difference in the lives of others, to give them Hope and a future. We believe that great things are accomplished when people work together.

We are focused on equipping individuals, corporations and organizations with the understanding and the tools to bring our belief to fruition.